Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Five common myths about Private High Schools

Are you a parent searching for the best private high school near you? Here are five common myths debunked.

Private Schools stifle different modes of learning through a rigid curriculum
One of the wonderful things about private education is its ability to cater a school curriculum towards a child's interests/ gifts. In Ontario 2016, the Frasier Institute commented that a total of 581 schools (30 percent of independent schools) were classified as specialty schools. These schools usually were designed to hold a special emphasis in their curriculum on a specific subject (e.g., arts, athletics, language, or science/technology/engineering/math). The key to choosing a the right school for your child is finding a school that caters towards the subjects that they thrive in, whether that be the sciences, the arts, or technology.
They are only located in urban areas
Good news for families outside of large cities, with a passion for education! Private schools can sometimes mistakenly be thought of as phenomenon of urban centers. However, according to Canada's Fraser Institute, 37.1 percent of all independent schools are located outside of large urban areas. 22.1 percent are in rural areas and 15 percent in small or medium-sized centers. Private school can be a possibility, without a long commute. Click Here for more detail...

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