Thursday, February 9, 2017

Perks of Attending a Mississauga Private High School

Thinking about putting your child into a private high school near you? As you consider different institutions, here are some perks of private education to consider.

Subject Specialization

The biggest benefit of private high schools in Mississauga Ontario is the particularized teaching methodologies offered at some of these schools. For students with a strong interest in a specific subject area, be it the arts or STEM, entering a private high school can be beneficial. While public education allows students to try a variety of subjects at moderate to an advanced degree of difficulty, many private schools in Ontario operate under the strength of one subject area in their curriculum. Whether this means sending a budding young musician to a school for the arts, or a tech whiz into a school with a stellar computer science department, private education may give your child an early on leg up on the competition in their fields of interest.

Smaller Class Size

A study on class size by educational researchers Bruce Biddle and David Berliner in 2002 confirmed that smaller class sizes lead to better average student performance on academic achievement tests. Private schools vary greatly in their population size, but almost all aim to achieve smaller class size than public schools, in order to individually help students build up their strengths and brush up on their weaknesses. Click Here to view Original Source...

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