Monday, July 17, 2017

How to get into Private Elementary Schools in Mississauga

In March 2017, parents in Brampton experienced hours of lining up in the freezing cold weather in hopes of registering their children for a well- reputed Catholic high school. Similar situations happen to parents in Mississauga all the time.  To give their children the best chance, they are willing to do everything. Private schools are becoming a popular option for parents who are afraid of failing their children by public education system, some parents start picking private elementary schools in Mississauga before they are even pregnant.

As we all know, early childhood education is critical to a child’s development. The early experiences they have, the bonds they form with their parents, and first learning experiences, would have significant influence in their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. It is safe to assume that children who attend the private elementary schools are more prepared for their middle school grade levels and the upcoming challenges. Unlike public schools, private schools do not admit children who live within their boundaries, best private elementary schools welcome students whoever fit with the school’s teaching philosophies and spirits. A good early childhood education is possibly the most valuable investment with largest return that parents can give to their children to ensure their future success.

Parents start picking best elementary schools before they are even pregnant not for no reasons. There is a lot to consider finding the perfect fit for your child: the personality of the child, his or her learning strengths and weakness, and the family’s values and expectations. Other important factors may include the community, locations, gender, school sizes. Generally, private schools offer smaller class sizes so that teachers can give each student more attentions, which leads to the higher tuition fees (Mississauga private school fees vary from $12,000 to $34,335, annually, depending on the grade level). Budget is an important attribute for some people, but never forget that the need of your child should always be the priority in front of everything. After narrowing down your selections into five options, it is important to consult the admission offices of the schools you are considering because some schools do need you to start some preparation up to one years in advance. Depending on the age of your child(ren), an entrance exam may be expected. Not every private elementary school in Mississauga requires an entrance exam, so it should not be too big a worry for parents, and more importantly, it should never be a pressure for your children!

After the submission of application, there is not much to do, except for waiting to hear back from the school. Keep in mind that the schools you applied for are not your only options. There are always more choices out there, no matter it is a private school, public school, Catholic school or whatever. Going to an elementary school or a middle school is just one step in your child’s life, it has certain degree of significance but can never be compared to the importance of parenting. Committing to lining up in the cold weather to get into the best school is just a statement of love for the child. As long as the love is there, no matter what school you can afford for the children to go to, they are lucky to have you as parent.

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