Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where are Summer Camps for Kids in Brampton?

There are seemingly endless choices for summer camps for kids that it can be difficult to know what is best for your child. When trying to make sense of the many options that are available, one of the top considerations kept in mind should be the curriculum that will be offered at the camp. Parents should watch for the difference in camps that do the same thing each day with little to no educational value, and compare those to the camps that go above and beyond with what they offer to their participants. Starting at a young age and going all the way up to summer programs for high school, choosing the right camps for your kids is a key concern for parents who are eager to make the most of the summer months.

St. Jude’s Academy is pleased to offer several strong summer camp programs that kids of all age groups love. One of the main draws of our camp for both parents and students is the unique and varied activities that we offer, as opposed to camps with a small list of standard activities. Even some of the most expensive boarding school summer programs in the area don’t match our own curriculum. Our summer camps are filled with all the sports, arts and crafts, music, and other traditional camp activities that kids long for, and are supplemented by our unique and innovative activities that keep participants coming back again and again. A sample of some of our best-loved, creative activities for kids are:

•    Gardening – Students learn to plant their own seeds and tend to their own herb gardens, while being taught basic science lessons on how plants grow. This type of hands-on activity helps drive home the academic portion of the lesson in a way that simply reading a textbook cannot. Students gain confidence and enjoy the sense of pride that comes from caring for a small plant.

•    Cooking – Each Friday, our campers have the valuable opportunity to take on the role of baker, and concoct delicious treats in our kitchen. Kids of all ages love taking part in food preparation, and are eager to share their new skills with their families at home. Creating something in the kitchen is a very satisfying endeavour, especially when the finished products are delicious baked goods.

•    Nature explorationPrivate schools in Brampton and Mississauga are fortunate to be located within beautiful, scenic surroundings. Kids who grow up in Ontario have so much nature at their fingertips, and St. Jude’s Academy summer camp is the perfect programme to help them explore that beauty. From nature walks to creating bird feeders for the local bird species, participants learn first-hand about the wonders of their natural environment.

With just a glimpse at some of our most popular activities it’s easy to see why children delight in their experience at St. Jude’s Academy summer camps. Parents who wish to see their kids enjoy the fun of summer while simultaneously gaining an education of superior quality are encouraged to enroll your kids in one, or more, of our adventure-filled camp sessions.

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